Saturday, April 4, 2009

It casts a shadow both long and forever


Ivo said...

This one left me speechless!

Joel said...

Wow where do I start. I guess I would begin by stressing that this is just my option/taste talking. there is some complex subject matter here and the narrative is really crammed in. It makes the painting pretty dense and the composition isn't considered enough structurally to handle all of the weight. I think when taken in small doses you can appreciate it a lot but as a whole it seems more like a excellent study for a masterpiece than a fully rectified endeavor. There is much to be dealt with here, It may be better to work up to it in some way. Just in general there is something about the combination of small figures and a loose style that doesn't really ever add up for me. You are getting better depth and volume out of the abstract elements than the figures. Some of that is hard to really judge without seeing the piece in person.